Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the Iowa Events Center’s most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please contact us.

What is the Iowa Events Center?

The Iowa Events Center is a multi-venue convention center and entertainment complex that hosts a wide variety of events including: concerts, sporting events, conventions, trade shows, weddings, and more. The Iowa Events Center includes Wells Fargo Arena, Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center and Hy-Vee Hall.

Are all your venues under one roof?

Yes. The Iowa Events Center facilities are all located under one roof. Our arena and convention centers are all connected while sharing a parking lot. A climate controlled downtown skywalk system connects the facilities to downtown restaurants, hotels, and retail outlets ensuring patrons do not have to deal with the elements of weather.

Where is the Iowa Events Center located?

The Iowa Events Center is located at the north edge of downtown Des Moines, at the corner of Third and Crocker. Our address is:

Hy-Vee Hall - 730 Third Street (also our mailing address)
Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center - 833 5th Ave.
Wells Fargo Arena - 233 Center Street

Is the Iowa Hall of Pride located at the Iowa Events Center?

Yes. The Iowa Hall of Pride is located at the south end of Hy-Vee Hall, with parking available right outside the door.

Where do I park when attending an event at your facility?

With 1,300 parking spots on-site, and another 10,000 spots available downtown, there is ample parking available for our events. With metered street parking surrounding the Iowa Events Center, and parking garages located less than two blocks away, you will find accessing the Iowa Events Center is easy.

What types of events do you host?

With both arenas and meeting facilities, we are able to host events of any type. Whether you are looking for a place to hold your next board meeting, wedding reception, or trade show, we have the space to fit your needs. If you are looking to attend a professional sporting event or a popular concert, we have those events too!

Do you offer any entertainment options during our meeting/convention?

Yes. Our marketing department would be happy to assist with ideas for spouse activities during the day, and line up entertainment for your group in the evenings. Chances are we may have a basketball or football game, or other events at Wells Fargo Arena that offer a perfect place to enjoy an evening in Des Moines.

Does the Iowa Events Center accept charity requests?

One of the key mandates for Global Spectrum and the Iowa Events Center is to remain a proactive member of the community. With this in mind, it is crucial to be a conduit for charitable efforts in Polk County and the Greater Des Moines area.

We endeavor to fulfill as many requests for donations as possible, however; due to overwhelming response from community groups, not all requests can be accommodated.

Not only do we work with the community on donation requests, we also have a fundraising program that groups can utilize to reach their goals.

For more information on the fundraising opportunities and critertia for charity requests please view our Charity Policy.

Is there anything I cannot bring onto Iowa Events Center property?

Prohibited Items:

Alcohol of any kind

Aerosol Cans(Includes Aerosol Sunscreen)

Any Objects Deemed as a Projectile

Professional Cameras (if camera has a detachable lens)

Video Cameras

Coolers of Any Kind


Framed or Large Backpacks/Bags/Purses

Illegal Substances

Laser Pointers

Lawn Chairs

Outside Food/Drink (Includes water bottles)

Pets (Excluding Service Animals)

Signs bigger than 24’’

Umbrellas (With metaltips)

Weapons of Any Kind(Includes permit to carry holders)

No Smoking, including Electronic Cigarettes

Chain Belts

Prohibited items subject to change based on show request.