Exhibitor Services

Exhibitor Services

We have many services available to help create the space you are looking for when exhibiting at the Iowa Events Center. Let our trained services staff provide electrical service, phone and internet lines, or water and natural gas service to help you complete your booth. Increase your visibility, attract more customers, and extend your presentation time with the appeal of fresh popped popcorn, homemade cookies, or themed refreshment carts. Stand out in the crowd by working with the Iowa Events Center to ensure your booth and product are memorable. Download the Exhibitor Services order form below to order these services and more.

Services available include:

  • Covered Loading Docks and Drive-on Ramp
  • Column-Free Space
  • Hi-speed Internet Access
  • In-House Telecommunications
  • Satellite Broadcasts
  • Electrical Services
  • In-House Food and Beverage
  • In-House Ticketing
  • Security Services
  • Audio-Visual

Iowa Events Center Exhibitor Sevices Order Form

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