Everything’s Fresh! at Wells Fargo Arena

Everything’s Fresh! at Wells Fargo Arena

You won’t find any pre-wrapped foods when you are looking for something to eat at Wells Fargo Arena. Everything we serve is prepared fresh, providing you a concession stand experience unlike any other!

Black Angus Grill™ - Created as an alternative to the standard burger grill, Black Angus Grill™ has become a staple in the Spectra Food Services & Hospitality line-up of home grown concepts.  Built to ensure that everything that is served is of the highest grade, Black Angus Grill™ feature oversized everything including half pound 100% angus burgers,  all beef hot dogs, giant grilled chicken breasts, and plenty of delicious sides to compliment. MENU

Hot Dog Nation™ - As famous today as it has been in year’s past, Hot Dog Nation™ pays tribute to unique hot dogs across the country. Hot Dog Nation’s™ menu features a locally inspired dog that is representative of Des Moines as well as beer, popcorn and snacks. MENU

  • Win Prizes with "You Lucky Dog", presented by Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance!
  • During select events "You Lucky Dog" stickers will be randomly placed on the bottom of Spectra Hot Dog containers at Hot Dog Nation™. If you purchase a hot dog and your container has one of these stickers on the bottom, YOU ARE A WINNER, YOU LUCKY DOG! For participating events, check the "Additional Information" on event pages.  

Moovers and Shakers™ - If you enjoy eccentric food masterpieces, Moovers and Shakers™ is your next stop at Wells Fargo Arena with its specialty burgers and spiked milkshakes. This top-notch menu features a number of food items that are BIG enough to share with your whole group, including; the Monster Burger, Giant Tenderloin, and Philly Cheese Fries. MENU

*** Based on the type of event and stage set-up not all selections may be available for every event.