Oak View Group is dedicated to designing and building facilities that are environmentally responsible, safe and healthy. We are committed to perfecting the entertainment lifestyle by conserving precious resources which save the environment and save you money. Below are a few examples of what we are doing to stay green.

Iowa Events Center Staff Involvement

Sustainability starts with the buy in and focus from our staff. Our internal Sustainability Committee is made up of senior leadership and representatives from each department, including our tenant sports teams. We meet monthly to discuss progress on ongoing initiatives, brainstorm new ideas, and set goals for moving forward.

Our staff also has involvement with the following outside organizations:

  • Polk County Climate Action Committee
  • Oak View Group Corporate Sustainability committee
  • IAVM Sustainability Committee
  • Attended the inaugeral GOAL Conference on Sustainability in June 2023
  • Attended Virtual Sport Positivity Summit on Sustainability in October 2023.
  • Employees are encouraged to work towards the 'Sustainable Event Professionals Certification' through the Events Industry Council


Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy

  • Member of the Iowa Chapter of the Green Building Council.
  • Participating in MidAmerican Energy’s load shedding program by running off our generator when they approach their peak for energy usage, which reduces our KW load with MidAmerican Energy.
  • LED lights in offices, aisle lights in the Wells Fargo Arena retractable seating sections, exterior sidewalk lighting, elevators, concourses, catwalk and hallways.
  • All stairwell lighting reduced by de-lamping, installing extra-long lift lamps along with motion and ambient light sensors for a 90% reduction in energy.
  • 216 fluorescent light fixtures in Hy-Vee Hall recently replaced mercury halide lights. These fixtures have saved the Iowa Events Center $1,500 per month in energy costs.
  • Replaced all 1000W metal halide sports lighting in Wells Fargo Arena with fewer 355W LED sport lighting for a 72% energy reduction each year.
  • Infrared and sonic sensors in 32 public restrooms, which turns the lights off after 15 minutes of non-activity.
  • During the hockey season when non-hockey events are scheduled in Wells Fargo Arena, the ice is covered and one chiller is used versus four, which leads to a large reduction of energy.


  • Setting hot water temperatures in restrooms to 122°, instead of the standard 160°.

Waste and Recycling

  • Commitment to pairing each trash can with a recycling bin, in offices and at public events.
  • Single sort recycling ensures all cardboard, aluminum, paper, plastic and glass is recycled throughout the facilities. In the past three years—since we began tracking—we’ve recycled over 630,000 pounds within the Iowa Events Center campus.
  • Currently participate in an organic composting program partnership with Green RU. This allows the Iowa Events Center to compost all food scraps and discarded food, meat renderings, and waxed and wet cardboard and paper. In the past three years—since we began tracking—we’ve composted over 256,000 pounds within the Iowa Events Center campus.
  • During the 14 month Community Choice Convention Center at Veterans Memorial renovation project—between 2010–2012— 98% of all construction material was recycled.
  • Scrap metal, computer parts, light bulbs, batteries, and construction materials are taken off site to scrap/recycline centers so they can be disposed of properly and do not end up in the landfill.

Responsible Purchasing

  • Banned bleach from cleaning products in favor of hydrogen peroxide-based solutions.
  • Most of our green chemicals we use come as a solid which is much more concentrated than typical concentrated liquid chemicals. This reduces the amount of chemical shipped and packaged, resulting in safe green chemicals for our staff to use.

Current and Future Projects

  • Solar panels - we have had building surveys and studies for adding solar panels to the roofs of our three venues, as well as over some sidewalks and parking lots. We are working with Polk County through their solar initiatives.
  • EV Charging Stations - Looking at the potential for adding EV charging stations in some parking areas
  • Lighting/Energy Usage - RCX study on mechanical equipment. This allowed us to identify the most efficient performance settings for our mechanical equipment. We are also continuing to retrofit lighting through campus to become 100% LED. We are also looking into daylight harvesting in prefunction and concourse areas to reduce energy consumption from lighting.
  • Garden & Rainwater Catchment - working with our food and beverage team on two locations for on-site vegetable/herb gardens for our chef's usage. We would add rainwater catchment systems for irrigation for these gardens and landscapting throughout the facility.
  • Food and beverage is transitioning to compostable/reusable/eco-friendly items for concession stands and disposable items.


Food Rescue Program

Food rescue is the process of collecting donated food from restaurants, caterers, and other food service providers, and distributing that food to people in need through local social service organizations. In the food business, predicting exact levels of demand can be a challenge. As a result, there is often safe prepared food left unsold at the end of a shift, event, or work day. Such food can be put to good use through a food rescue program, which handles pickup of donated food and distribution to agencies that serve people who are food insecure.

The Iowa Events Center participates in this program and is currently partnering weekly with Scavo High School to provide quality and healthy food to students. This resouce is an important one, that supports and encourages academic participation, attendance and success.